About Us

Our History

In 1961, a group of Huntington residents came together with the goal of helping their neighbors in need. Their mission was to raise funds within the community to assist local charities. We are proud to report that since its inception, the Townwide Fund of Huntington has raised more than $12 million and continues to infuse local health and human service organizations with the support they need to help the residents of Huntington.

Currently, more than 30 local charitable organizations are partnered with the Townwide Fund of Huntington to improve the quality of life in our community. As a non-governmental agency, we bridge the gap between dwindling governmental support for local charities and the increasing needs of community residents.

The Townwide Fund of Huntington is made up of passionate like-minded volunteers. Their enthusiasm and commitment, along with help from our wonderful sponsors, has ensured that the Townwide Fund of Huntington remains an integral part of a strong and vibrant Huntington.

Townwide Funding


To collectively raise the quality of life in the Town of Huntington by funding vital health and human services for underserved residents through our local charities.

Townwide Funding


A community where everyone’s vital needs are met.

Townwide Funding


Our goal is to guarantee an improved and sustainable future for the towns that make up Huntington, by supporting the continued efforts and services that benefit our community.

Townwide Funding


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