Townwide Fund Awards Accushield Grant to St Johnland


St. Johnland  CEO Mary Jean Weber welcomed Townwide Fund President-Elect Greg Kennedy, Executive Director Alice Marie Rorke, Past president and board member Jim Powers and Grants Chair Janice Whelan at the installation and dedication of the new Accushield Health Screening kiosk in the lobby of St. Johnland Nursing Center on January 20, 2022.

Funded by a grant from the Townwide Fund, the Accushield kiosk will automatically scan staff and visitors for a temperature check and ask a series of health questions that will allow for improved safety measures and contact tracing should it be needed. “Resident and Staff safety are a priority at St. Johnland, and the gift of this invaluable piece of equipment allows us a streamlined system for monitoring visitors and staff during these uncertain times”, said CEO Mary Jean Weber.